The Arkansas Masters is arguably the most prestigious “Masters” event in our region, but definitely the top “Masters” tournament in the state of Arkansas. Previous Arkansas Masters have drawn players from 7 different states, with many premier¬† Master Division players attending. Previous Masters players were not only the top in their divisions, but some of the top players in the USA .¬†

Bluegrass Trails Disc Golf Course is one of the top Disc Golf venues in the state of Arkansas. The ‘2020 Masters will be the first Masters with invitations to only players 40+. Previously, 30+ were invited to help draw attention to The Arkansas Masters, and the fact that players want to test their skills at The Bluegrass Trails DGC. 

Previous winners/record holders:

*Open: Abrahan Bahena, Hot Springs, Ar. (151)

Men’s Pro Masters 40+: Greg Bland, Fayetteville, Ar. (159)

Men’s Pro Masters 50+: Sam “Doddfather” Dodd, Centerton, Ar. (156)

Women’s Pro Masters 50+: Laura Meyers, Springdale, Ar. (190)

Men’s Amatuer 40+: Ray Presnell, Ozark, Mo. (160)

Women’s Amatuer 40+: Mary Abbott, Eldon, Mo. (211)

Men’s Amatuer 50+: Steve Adcock, Heber Springs, Ar. (167)

Women’s Amateur 50+: Robin Cannistraci, Maud, Tx. (215)

Men’s Amatuer 55+: Robert Covert, Ava, Mo.(187)

Men’s 60+ Amatuer: Charlie Chung, Coweta, Ok (173)

*Men’s Intermediate: Joseph Brandenburger, Ft. Smith, Ar. (172)

*Women’s Intermediate: Tyra Fry, Heber Springs, Ar. (215)

*Men’s Recreational: Brandon Armstrong, Gans, Ok. (171)

(*Divisions discontinued starting ‘2020)

Lee Street Lyrical will be performing at a free concert on the courthouse square Saturday evening. Bring a chair.